Monday, March 4, 2013


Feb 7th, my girl Lucy and I flew out to LA to hook up with Andrew Hosner at Thinkspace (link). Seeing as the show was a little more exclusive than previous group shows I've done there previously I decided to acquaint myself with the super powers that run one the most prevalent pop-surrealist galleries going. The crew there were homies from the get-go. Andrew Hosner, curator/co-owner welcomed us in and quickly introduced us to Ken Flewellyn, Gallery Manager and L.Croskey, co-owner.  These guys are down as fuck and were crazy helpful in getting my hungover ass working. I hosted SNAG the night before and our flight was at 4:30 so there wasn't much sleep happening until I finished work at the gallery that night (only a quick varnish prep/varnish).

'In Our Wake' Opened Feb 9th. Got to meet Jason Thielke but things got a little weird and I'm fairly certain he thinks I'm pretty gay for him. sigh.

Ken Flewellyn, Andrew Hosner, L. Croskey 

'oh' faces w/ David Cooley Lucy and I w/ Birdman (link)

photocred: Sam Graham, more form the opening (link)

Artist Links:
Craig 'Skibs' Barker / Liz Brizzi

Jason Thielke

Here's a little teaser I put together before the doors opened

Drew Young 'InOurWake' at Thinkspace Gallery from DONT LOOK on Vimeo.

The only unfortunate thing to happen that night was that Shawn Hosner, co-owner and wife of Andrew wasn't able to make it out due to a sicky face. Luckily, Lucy and I were invited to their home on a couple occassions and got to meet not only Mr/Mrs Hosner and their gaggle of cats but also their INSANEly comprehensive collection of pop-surrealist, figurative, illustrative, street art collection. David Choe, Andrew Hem, Jeff Ramirez, Dabs Myla, Banksy, elboe-toe, Josh Keyes, Swoon, Crayola you fucking name it, fucking errywhere. We were seriously impressed and humbled. Andrew and Shawn Hosner made LA for us.
Basically the rest of the trip was all no business. A drive to SF, which started off georgeous and all that turned out to be waay longer than anticipated. Lu drove as I was more hungover than ever, as it was my bday before. and apparently I'm allergic to redwine. In SF we hooked up with Luke Lombardo at Gauntlet Gallery (link) as well as some homies from back home. 
The Madonna Inn - not worth it hungover/palpitating 
redwood jaunt with the fam
Gauntlet Gallery (still hungover)
at Minna, David Choong Lee (link) this shit was mental.

Found a Jaybo Monk at the back of at the NEW WhiteWalls
I gave Adam Caldwell a ring when I was out there and arranged a little studio visit. I can't praise that guy enough. He's really got a solid routine going in his life. He's a figurative teacher for the Arts Academy by day and sinister painter by night. This guy's seriously making me reevaluate myself on a lot of fronts.  Adam Caldwell (link)


The porn industry owns this place
Valentines Day Lanterns


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